Mally Elbaz Almandine's art is a unique expression of her childhood memories, which are broken down and rebuilt through her creative process. Her works are a surreal journey of magic and levitation, blending happiness with sadness. Mally's childhood experiences with embroidery and sewing, which she shared with her father and grandfather, are reflected in her art through a repetitive layering process that evokes personal memories and expresses the spiritual and ritual aspects of her work.

Mally's paintings are created through a spontaneous process, without any prior planning or sketches. She begins with large color strokes, allowing the characters and shapes to emerge on their own, stretching beyond the canvas itself. Her work is a constant thought process, detailing thousands of tiny components, and her unique language draws from both her traditional  Yemeni culture and Western visual culture.

Her catalog "A Living Embroidery" showcases her creations since 2012, some of which have been exhibited worldwide and received international publicity. Mally's transformation of embroidery into a  unruly, and wild material disrupts traditional gender definitions and serves as a sophisticated language of an artist. Her work offers a powerful voice that disassembles the center from the margins, shaping a strange and disrupted world through sensory and emotional impressions etched in her body.

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